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Five http://www.recipeweb.co.uk/louis-vuitton-women/louis-vuitton-handbags.html fashionable trends Louisvuitton to try in 2013

Barbara atkin, vicepresident of fashion direction for holt renfrew, fashion and media maven jeanne beker, loulou editorinchief julia cyboran and hello!Canada fashion and beauty editor julia seidl share their suggestions of five fashionable trends worthy of trying in2013.1.The tunic.Whether with sleeves or without, the loosefitting garment was featured prominently on runways at home and abroad, perhaps most notably in milan among the colourful, luxe looks unveiled from italian fashion house gucci.The past, it may have looked like a little minidress.But today, we going to layer it over a skinny legging or that new kneelength bicycle short, says atkin.Tunic is really looking new.Says the garment can be paired with a skirt as well be it a slim, pencil silhouette or a flirtier version and will be seen in soft, easy silks, sheers or even more constructed fabrics like cotton.2.Transparency.Seethrough accessories give a whole meaning to the phrase there.Anything from the new lucite heel to an actual transparent shoe, which is made of pvc or vinyl, says atkin of the look which she describes as the neutral.Individuals could also consider placing a small fabric or drawstring bag within the tote or carryall to discreetly house the contents inside, she adds.Can change it up, and that such an inexpensive way of doing it.Saw a lot of sheer panelling, such as a cutout, but with a panel of a sheer fabric covering it, seidl says.Got a hint of it without it being too in your face, so that kind of a way to pull off the look if you are a bit more conservative.Headwear.The next day in paris, every woman on the street pulled out their fedora or went looking for one.Believes the new incarnation of the felt fedora is a fresh take on a familiar item and one that will seasonless.Have seen women wearing fedoras, but not like this widebrim, floppy one.And it will be an easy one for everyone to wear, she said of Louis Vuitton Clutches the style, which she described as having a chic feeling.Peplum.It prime time to get ruffled. Expect to see plenty morePeplum in2013, as the ruffle or short overskirt, which attaches to the waistlines of garments, is set to make an even bigger sartorial splash in the new year.Has been dominant now for the last few runway seasons and it not going away, says cyboran. saw it again on the spring2013 runways and it something that has finally translated to the market.So we seeing them everywhere and we become comfortable with that silhouette and it a silhouette that can really flatter.Peplum can add a touch of feminine appeal to a silhouette by cinching at the waist, she noted.Peplum is a great piece because it can be dressed up and it can be dressed down, said Cyboran. of my recommendations would be to invest in aPeplum, be it a skirt, a dress even jackets now have a bit of aPeplum.Go bold.Think those are the kind of things that can give a lift to your whole wardrobe, she said.

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