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Lofton period 2 blog

Hello fellow students!We weren so busy in mrs.Lofton class today.We first took out our clickers and took a quiz on the giver, on chapters six and seven.If you didn know the answers to the questions and didn read the chapters, you might want to catch up on the book.Then we took out our rules sheet and we went over the homework for it.The homework for tonight is to read the giver Tiffany Rings UK chapters eight and nine.We also have to pick one rule from our rules sheet and think of three reasons for it and three reasons opposing it.Have a great weekend!

Hey!This is soccergirl13 with a posting about today in mrs.Lofton 2nd period class.When we first came into class we had to write down all of our homework.During class we reviewed our jabberwocky pages.Each row in the classroom had a different stanza that they had to discuss about.It was a lot of fun decoding Buy Cheap Tiffany Pendants UK what we thought all of the nonsense words meant!For homeowrk tonight, we have to complete the poety packet mrs.Lofton gave us yesterday, read ten blog postings from period 3 and comment on two of them, finish the blog assignment if you haven already done so, and to check out the scholastic book flyer.All in all, we had a great day in mrs.Lofton class today!Thank you, and have a great rest of the day!

Today was really fun, first we reviewed some of our students wacky web tales!A lot of people in the class usedwords and a lot.She had us switch wacky web tales and had us correct and write the part of speech for some of our words.At the end of the class she gave us english workshop about prepositions, interjections, and conjunctions.Over all today was full of laughs and wacky words!Also it was funny because mrs.Lofton let us out when she wasn supposed to because of 5th grade orientations so we stayed with her for rad!Today was a fun day and i Earrings wish we could do it every day!

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