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1994 buick royal gs

1994 buick regal gs visiting edition.3.8l all versions.My daughter drives home from up north yesterday 200 miles highway, gets personal.Goes to exit 20 min later and starts hearing a knocking noise and brings home.I checked it out and it sounds like a rod knock some thing in valve train knocking hard.It quiets a little every time you rev engine.All essential good.I changed oil 2 weeks ago with 75000 mile synthetic blend for older vehiles and new fram oil and air conditioning filter.Im just trying to make sure that my suscpecions gauges look good at idle oil press is around 20, when revving up it's going to 40 t0 55.Temp gauge reported fine.Not even close over heat condition.Is it possible oil change loosened up a good deal of crap and filter is partially clogged or would i not get good oil press.Readings if possess true.This car was got used 4 weeks ago, i drove it for 2 weeks on highway seven days a week and it ran great.Shes had it for last 2 weeks and drove 200 miles home than the.Car has 95000 far

Ummmm well first i would varify this by melting away the oil pan, and heading out the main caps one by one, reinstalling as i went and see if that is the situation!Only if that is what you consider it is, if it is from underneath end!And if you spun a main bearing any motor must be pulled and replaced, or if there is a shop they might also rebuild it by maching the mains out and installing over sized bearings!Other wise one can probly find another motor cheap, but idk types of milage!Hope this worked for!

Ummm im tring to pretty good overview it?I dont know if indeed, this will one with the motor mount that goes around the front or not, you would have to look, if so the cradle has to be droped on the one side and it can be done but it is a good little job, you is going to lift the car put on jack stands and removed the passagers side cradle bolts and lower with a jack, and probly losen the driver side as well, except becarful!You justa have to get tha bracket removed there at 4 13mm or 15mm bolts assisting th block,(2 on both sides)That be removed to get that out and then the pan comes right out!But then again you could possibly get it right out, but i sure that is a motor mount there!

I was having a terrible problem with the wheel bearings on my 98 chevy cavalier and i suspect that using this website saved me plenty of time and cash.

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